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[compay]. The easy and convenient way to sell your house fast in Tucson
If you are on this site right now, it might be because you’re looking to sell your Tucson home as soon as possible. And if you’re in a situation where you need a fast solution to your situation…


  • Dealing with foreclosure?
  • Dealing with probate?
  • Inherited a house full of needed repairs and clutter?
  • Tired of your rental but you need to kick out your tenants and put $5,000 or more into it to fix it?
  • Tired of your financial situation and don’t want to deal with listing it?
  • Need to move in a week?

Any situation like those above can keep you from listing with an agent. It’s true, that most people are going to use a Realtor to sell their house. But what about those who just can’t go through all that hassle for whatever reason?

Luckily for those, there is another option with a company called “We Buy Houses In Arizona” who buy houses in Tucson on the spot with cash and in the as-is condition.

But what makes us different from a real estate agent? 

  • With an agent, you’ll have to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 to repair the house and bring it up to a move in ready condition…. buyers walk away from houses with the slightest need of repairs.
  • With an agent, you’ll have to wait 3-6 months to sell your house in AZ. 
  • With an agent, you’ll have to deal with buyer-after-buyer going through your house. 
  • With an agent, you’ll have to risk your buyer falling out of the deal.
  • With an agent, you’ll have to clean up the property before every open house and appointment.

Some can’t afford to go through all those hassles. So, that’s why we’ve come up with our unique buying program that gets you out of your situation and cash in your hand in 5 days. After 5 days you can walk away from your stress, and relax and celebrate an easy win at Cafe Poca Cosa!

With us,

  1. you sell your house in Tucson with a local home buyer
  2. you get a guaranteed offer
  3. you get a guaranteed sale of your Tucson property
  4. you sell your home as-is… you won’t have to clean up anything. We’ll handle all the clean-up
  5. you don’t ever risk us falling out of closing because we don’t use any banks
  6. no repairs needed
  7. no banks, lenders, agent, or inspectors involved to ruin the deal
  8. no costs… we don’t charge any fees and we pay for all the closing costs
  9. no worries… we deal with all the hassle of closing. Just make the one phone call, and sit back with a peace of mind
  10. you get fast close… in 5 days
  11. you get get a solution to your stressful situation

If all of this sounds like something you need, or at least find out what your offer is…

… then call us today for a fair cash offer. It’s no obligation—take it or leave. (602) 900-9327

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We buy houses in Tucson, AZ despite the condition… As-Is… let us take over the burden of that unwanted property.

Selling your Tucson, AZ  home shouldn’t be difficult.  “We Buy Houses In Arizona“makes it easy and convenient for you.  We will assess your property and situation and make you a fair cash offer for your home.

The Guaranteed and Easy Way To Sell A Tucson Property Fast!

If you go with an agent…

You will be signing a contract that binds you to that agent for 6 months.  This can tie your home up.  What if you find a buyer yourself?  What if the buyer pulls us from the deal at the last second?  What if their bank loan falls through?   The real estate agent will give you piles of paperwork to sign, shuffling the paperwork back and forth from the buyer to the agent and then to you….and back.  It can all add stress, months to the process.

If you were to sell your home through a Realtor, expect to pay the following if you sold your home for $200,000:

  • 6% sales commission on the sale of your home =  $12,000 coming out of your pocket!
  • Closing costs which can amount to as much as 2% of the selling price = $4,000 out of your pocket!  Plus home warranty costs for buyer = $500!  Plus title insurance = $2000!
  • Anyone using a mortgage lender to buy your house will require an appraisal and a home inspection before closing = $600 out of your pocket!  You will be hoping the appraised value matches the agreed selling price so that the lender will approve the loan.
  • Repair requests from your buyers who will be presented with a list of problems with your property found by the home inspector.

Grand Total = $19,100 + Repairs to sell the $200,000 house

 + all the junk fees at the title office, you’re looking at approximately $20,000!


Are There Fees Or Hidden Costs?

We’ll buy your house and make it simple for you.  You won’t have to deal with home inspectors, appraisers, banks, realtors and endless showings.

NO Risk

NO Obligation

NO Hassle

NO High-Pressure Selling Tactics

NO Fees, Commission, and Closing Cost (because I’m buying your house, not listing it)

Simply send me some info on your house and within 24 hours I’ll make you a fair offer and can close quickly.  Call me at (602) 900-9327 if you want to chat or have questions or you can submit your info on our website and we’ll get back to you quickly.

We work hard to meet the individual needs of each of our clients as quickly as possible, and finding a solution that works for you is what we do best!

Here’s How To Get Your Offer:

1. Tell us a few things about your property on the form below.

2. We will get to work doing extensive research as soon as you hit the submit button.

3.  We will then present you with a fair offer based on the current market value of your house.

4.  Once our offer is accepted, we can close when it’s convenient for you and get you 100% cash.  No need to wait for a bank to fund the purchase.  No dealing with Realtors with offers that may fall through.

We pay fast cash for your Tucson, AZ property home!  No need for real estate agents and their fees and the Realtor parade of continuous showings at all hours of the day.

Sell Your House Now - Please Submit Your Property Info Below

....to receive a fair all cash offer and to download our free guide.
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Or Give Us A Call  Now At (602) 900-9327

As a local resident myself, I’m passionate about this area!  I help beautify our neighborhoods and help homeowners out of sticky house situations.  I have been helping Tucson house owners with real estate issues since 2010.  If you need to sell your Tucson house fast, I can make you a fair all-cash offer today.

Want to Avoid Repairs and/or Updates?

The sale of your Tucson, AZ home can help you achieve that.  We do ALL the work and we will clean up after you. Leave those unwanted items behind and we will take care of it.  We make it easy and hassle free for you.


  • Foundation problems?
  • Termites eating your equity?
  • Plumbing headaches?
  • Pool problems?
  • A/C units burning a hole in your pocket?


  • Flooring?
  • Kitchen?
  • Bath?
  • Light Fixtures?

We pay cash for homes in Tucson, AZ and we close on your house in as little as 5 days from the date you contact us or when it’s convenient for you.

If you prefer to talk to someone versus submitting your

property information just give us a call today at (602) 900-9327

We buy houses in Tucson, AZ, 85701, 85702, 85703, 85704, 85705, 85706, 85707, 85708, 85709, 85710, 85711, 85712, 85713, 85714, 85715, 85716, 85717, 85718, 85719, 85720, 85721, 85722, 85723, 85724, 85725, 85726, 85728, 85730, 85732, 85733, 85734, 85735, 85736, 85737, 85739, 85740, 85741, 85742, 85743, 85744, 85745, 85746, 85747, 85748, 85749, 85750, 85751, 85752, 85754, 85755, 85756, 85757, 85775 and all surrounding areas in AZ. If you’re saying, “I need to sell my house fast Tucson, AZ,” connect with us… we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂