How We Buy Houses Phoenix In 4 Simple Steps

we buy houses in Phoenix

Trying to sell a home in the traditional real estate market can be a very confusing and time-consuming process.

There are so many elements involved that you’re advised to hire a trained professional to handle the work for you.

That means someone had to go to school and receive years of training just to understand how to properly buy and sell houses.

It seems like a lot of unnecessary work.

When we buy houses Phoenix we make the process as fast, simple, and straightforward as possible.

We’ve condensed the entire operation down to four simple steps.

There’s no need to pay for an expensive real estate agent.

As a matter of fact, we handle most of the hard work ourselves.

All that you need to do is have a home that you want to sell and be ready to cash a check.

Let’s look at the four steps we use to buy houses.

1. Tell Us About Your Property

The first step is up to you. You’ll need to call us on the phone or fill out a form on our website.

You can tell us all about your house and provide us with some contact information.

We will fill you in on any specific details of the buying process that aren’t discussed here.

This entire step usually only takes a few minutes over the phone.

It’s completely free and you are under no obligation to proceed any further.

2. We Make An Appointment

If you liked the sound of how we buy houses Phoenix, then we’ll schedule a quick appointment in the near future.

One of our professionals will visit the home and inspect the property.

There’s no need to fix any damaged areas, pay for landscaping, or repaint the exterior.

We accept homes as-is in a variety of conditions.

Someone else in the future will pay for the necessary repairs or renovations.

That’s money that you can keep in your pocket.

3. We Make An Offer

We will consult with the professional who inspected the home and comes together with a fair cash offer.

Unlike many other companies, we aren’t interested in greedy business practices.

We make very competitive offers that you won’t find anywhere else.

The amount that we offer is guaranteed.

Once again, you are under no obligation to accept the offer and continue forward.

You are free to try and sell your home elsewhere if you do not believe that we can come to an agreement.

4. You Take A Check And The House Is Sold

It’s really that simple. There are no expensive closing costs and no hoops to jump through.

We sign some paperwork, hand over a check, and the entire deal is done.

You can turn an unused and damaged home into an impressive check in less than two weeks.

In most cases, it takes roughly one week from the day that you call us to complete the process.

Though, we are more than willing to work on your schedule if you need more time.

Selling your house for cash is a fast and simple process.

Don’t waste your time and your money dealing with real estate agents and complicated negotiations.

Call us today or fill out the form online and we will contact you.

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